12 Frequently Asked Questions on Self Storage

A self storage facility is a great option for anyone looking to move to a new residence or free up space in their home. You can make self-storage a pleasant experience, even though it is common today. These are some of most commonly asked questions about self storage.

1. Who uses self-storage?

– Homeowners who are moving for vacations
People who have moved to a new city as part of a work assignment
– For business owners looking for more storage space for their stock
– People who need temporary storage space for their home while they are renovating it.
– This is for people who have downsized their home and are looking to find temporary storage before they decide what they will do with all the stuff they don’t need.

2. What Items Can You Store in A Self-Storage?

Self storage can hold almost all kinds of belongings. These items include furniture, sport equipment, fitness equipments and RVs. Self storage can generally store any size item, including files and cars.

3. Are There Good Levels Of Security?

Keep in mind that burglars can still enter your property even with security gates or padlocks. It is well-known that many self storage facility burglaries occur because of insider activity. These thieves are often regular customers who have rented a storage facility and perform their act when it is right for them. They will enter your self storage unit just like any regular customer. Once they have completed this, they are allowed to return at any moment through the security gates and take possession of other people’s belongings. It is crucial that you check whether self storage facilities use cylinder locks instead of padlocks, and if there are alarms installed on all doors. This will help you avoid such a horrible situation. Make sure they have surveillance cameras that cover as much of the facility as possible.

4. What are the Discounts and Fees?

There are many self-storage units that offer low rates in the beginning but then raise their rates several months later after you have moved all your belongings. Before choosing a facility to store your belongings, inquire about the move-in rates as well as how often they increase their rates.

The storage costs for self-storage will vary depending upon your storage needs. Large storage units will be more expensive. Most sizes are between 5 x 5 ft and 10 x40 ft. The size you need will affect the cost of storing a box of books, or a car.

It is possible to save money by planning well. Many people end spending more than what is necessary. Many people end up paying more for storage units than they need. The best way to find the right storage space for you is to plan and properly pack your items. Storage units come with different sizes and different prices. It is possible to save money by choosing the right size self-storage unit for your belongings.

5. What Size Unit Do I Need?

This will depend on how many things you have in storage. Make sure you plan what items will go in storage. Then, you can decide the size unit that you will require. If you have a rough idea of how large the unit should be, you can pack them in boxes. The self storage agents can help you as well. They can assist you in finding the perfect storage unit to suit your needs.

6. What must I know about Self Storage Contracts

Also, you need to know the details of the contracts. Most self storage companies require you pay an upfront deposit. The deposit covers rental agreements, use equipment such as moving blankets, and any damage. This amount will be normally refunded to the customer upon expiration of the contract.

7. What Types of Self Storage are Available?

There are two types main self storage. There are two types of self-storage: shed storage and indoor storage. Indoor storage is typically temperature-controlled with insulated walls. This protects from fire and environmental damage. Shed storage units can’t be insulated or controlled in temperature. This makes it expensive to rent indoor storage units.

8. Do I really need a climate control unit?

Climate controlled self storage protects your belongings from weather extremes. This is especially true when you need to store items like wooden furniture and clothes. If these items are left in standard storage units for a long time, it’s not uncommon to see mildews and warped wood. Climate controlled self storage is a great option if you want to protect your belongings. A climate controlled facility includes heating and cooling units to ensure a consistent climate.

9. Is it possible to get insurance on my belongings?

Self-storage businesses do not offer insurance for any losses or damages. Some self storage companies provide insurance that provides protection against damage or losses due to environmental hazards such as hail, rain, lightning, water leakage, smoke and hail. Some items may not be covered by the insurance plan. You might be able to store jewellery, precious gemstones, stamps and card collections, as well as art and currency.

10. What is the Rental Period

One month is the minimum time you can rent a self storage unit. The storage facility is available for either one month or two years.

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